Is it just me?

Okay, so I am not a devoted watcher of Gossip Girl. I have seen parts of a few episodes, and while I'm not familiar with the storylines, I do know the characters and their signature styles.

Well, I stumbled up on Gossip Girl last night when I was flipping channels. Aware of the show's reputation for fashion-forward looks, I tuned in. More than anything, I was looking for inspiration.

Um. EW. Is it just me? Granted, I only saw the Sotheby's auction scene...but still. I was really disappointed. Serena--whose amazing body was on display at last week's Emmy Awards--looked tired and a little skanky with her bed-head hair and skin-tight Leger bandage dress. Blair's high-necked iridescent dress and bizarro braids made her look dumpy.

I suppose that the dress choices are debatable; some of you may have loved these looks. But I thought both girls' hairstyles (ahem, lack thereof) were terrible.

Am I the only one who was less than impressed?

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