2010 - New Year's Resolutions of the Style Variety

Here are my three New Year's resolutions (Style Category). Of course I have others--exercise regularly, drink less coffee, blah blah blah--but these are the ones I'm really going to try to keep.

#1 - Layer more creatively. Most days you will find me wearing a basic tank under a dark cardigan with jeans or leggings. In 2010, I vow to get more creative with layering. Two combinations I'm going to try: a hoodie under a blazer (with a ponytail to show off the hood!) and a lacy camisole under a skinny cardigan under a cropped leather bomber. Hey, baby steps.

#2 - Try a dress every now and then. When I'm feeling "grabby" (you know what I mean--when you don't need anything new but you MUST HAVE something new), I usually just reach for a new pair of jeans. In 2010, I resolve to reach for a dress when I am in a fashion rut. I'm going to start with this outfit: a floral dress, black tights, a bright scarf and a black blazer. Not exactly revolutionary, but definitely a departure from my usual look.

#3 - Finally organize my closet in a meaningful way. It's not that I don't have a neat closet. I do. It's just not organized in a way that makes putting things together easy. This year I will get it right, even if it takes me an entire afternoon. I will get rid of all the stuff that doesn't work (there are quite a few mistakes lurking in there). I will make a list of basics I need to add (at the top: a white shirt that actually fits). I will purchase items on the list. Finally, I will make a list of possible outfits, taking care to follow resolutions #1 and #2. Obsessive? Sure. Nerdy? Definitely. Necessary? If I want to minimize the time I spend standing in front of my closet, scratching my head...yes.

#1 and #2 are about getting out of my fashion rut, and #3 is about being organized enough to make that possible. What are your 2010 style resolutions?

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